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You want to buy a LCD TV or plasma but you think it is complicated to find you through all these logos, these definitions, these labels (HD Ready, Full HD, 1080p HD TV, HD TNT, and Ultra HD)? We will try to help you!

The logos and standards

Since February 2008, we have informed you about all the logos and standards that you will find afterwards, on the websites, on the stickers present on the TV, in the shops and without doubt in the mouth of your favourite sellers. Meanwhile, this has evolved, partly in the right direction.

Since December 2008, merchants no longer have to offer HD-stamped TV without a built-in HD TNT tuner. Since December 2012, TV called Ultra HD or Quad HD or 4K, are starting to be marketed or announced. We will sort it out little by little in these new labels to help you find yourselves. The only thing that is sure at the moment is that these TVs have a resolution almost 4 times higher than the TV “HD TV 1080p” … which promises beautiful things if the sources manage to follow! The details of the related technical constraints will arrive later.

Logos disappeared little by little:

HD Ready and HD Ready 1080p: they imply the presence of a TNT tuner SD (non HD), so they must disappear in France. Online casinos such as www.bestonlinecasinos.joburg also showcase their game portfolio on big screen TVs. Full HD: since it means nothing specific (see below), if it is present on its own: mistrust. To be acceptable it must obligatorily accompany one of the two other surviving labels: HD TV or HD TV 1080p. Indeed these two labels involve the integration of an HD TNT tuner. The Full HD logo does not involve much (it is not official) but in the collective unconscious it is always synonymous with “very high definition slab”, that is 1080 lines.

But beware, all HD Ready and HD Ready 1080p TVs have not disappeared from the shelves with a magic wand since December 1, 2008. The TVs are still sold but without apparent logo not to go against the recommendation of the THAT’S IT.

On our side, we always label TV as it should be (so we will always use the terms HD Ready or HD Ready 1080p) so that everyone knows what it will buy.

And as there is absolutely no need to have an HDTV tuner in its TV to receive HD via Internet, Cable or Satellite, their existence should last for a little while.

The logos that are now used:

HD TV and HD TV 1080p imply by their definition to have a built-in HD TNT tuner. TNT HD is present since the HD channels are issued (since November 2008). It accompanies the other 2 labels.

In 2009, other labels appeared:

CI + Ready: full compatibility in terms of copy protection (eg for Canal + and CanalSat content known as “Canal Ready”). 3D Ready: compatibility with 3D content displayable in 120Hz by also being equipped with a pair of special glasses

Please also note that the official logos and official definitions associated with these logos are defined by DIGITALEUROPE, an association that reflects on what is ultimately good for us consumers!

As for the rules of good conduct, they are discussed at the top of the hierarchy, guided by the CSA which gives its opinion on the matter. France is also a special case, because we are lagging behind in some areas, so we are ahead of TNT HD in Europe. This does not facilitate the lives of manufacturers, merchants and consumers.

Since September 2014, a new label accompanied by its logo makes its appearance. Ultra HD: distinguishes models capable of supporting Ultra High Definition signals and displaying them without altering their frequency or resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels).

Beginning January 2016, a new label and logo are launched. Ultra HD Premium: distinguishes Ultra HD TVs optimized for colour management and HDR content.

Here is a reminder of the logos, labels and their exact definition so that you know what to hold:

  1. HD Ready
  2. HD TV
  3. True HD
  4. Full HD
  5. HD Ready 1080p
  6. HD TV 1080p
  7. Quad HD TV
  8. Ultra HD
  9. Ultra HD Premium
  10. TNT HD
  11. Synthesis
  12. Mini-lexicon
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  1. Plan for HDTV now – High Definition TV is the new digital standard for 
enhanced picture quality for TV broadcasting. If you’re buying a new TV or video projector, make sure you’ll be able to enjoy the incredible sound and pictures that are part of HDTV.
  2. Wire for everything now – if you are building or remodeling your home, 
wire it with a plan for future needs. While no one can guarantee what the future will look like, CEDIA Professionals make it their business to stay current to offer good advice about technologies that are on the horizon. Best of all they can help you sort out the hype from the reality.
  3. Insist on integrated systems – As you buy new electronic components, 
make sure you shop for equipment that can be hooked up together and operated with one, easy to use control system.
  4. Don’t buy yesterday’s products (often what is in stock) – Many stores 
purchase large orders of all equipment and sell it at discounted rates. Shop with a dealer than only provides you with new equipment and technologies.
  5. Consider integrating lighting control with your home electronics system –
Lighting sets the mood for home theater, entertaining, or just a quiet night at home. You can control your home lighting from the same remote that you use to control your theater or music system.
  6. Think with your wallet, but lead with your head. Quality and long-term 
dependability are the most effective attributes that you can build into a home.
  7. Buy an experience, not a box – Find a dealer that allows you to test drive
the entire system or at least experience the thrill of a high performance system. Few people have the time to research and evaluate all the hardware choices. It’s smarter to focus on the end result and make your choices based upon overall performance and value.
  8. Don’t think you have to put up with hard to use, multiple remote controls –
Easy to use, all-in-one remote controls are available for any system. You can even have them custom programmed so they make perfect sense to you.
  9. Consult a professional – Designing and installing reliable, easy to use 
systems that add real quality to your lifestyle is the goal of CEDIA professionals. Check to see if the company you’re considering has CEDIA Certified Professional Designers and Installers on staff.
  10. Increase your service expectations – Your home electronics system is a
big investment. Automated Solutions professionals will provide you with extensive options, comprehensive designs, complete installation and especially, in-home service for your systems.
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Get the most out of your Apple TV
Apple’s fourth-generation Apple TV represents the device’s evolution from a mere “hobby” into a product strong enough to completely stand on its own. Packed with a number of cool new features, such as Universal Search and built-in Siri functionality, the new Apple TV may very well be a surprise hit this holiday shopping season. And with the device coming with support for its own dedicated App Store, it’ll be incredibly interesting to see what developers are able to come up with in the weeks and months ahead.

All that said, here are some Apple TV tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your new viewing experience.

Activate Siri
Without question, one of the flagship features on the new Apple TV is Siri functionality built right into the remote. In order to bring Siri to life and issue a command, simply hold the microphone button down and you’ll see the familiar Siri prompt at the bottom of your HDTV. Make sure to keep the button pressed down for the entirety of your voice command.

Ask Siri about movie or TV show details
When watching a movie or TV show, users can activate Siri and ask questions like “Who directed this?” or “Who stars in this episode?” Without missing a beat, Siri will display all of the requested info in a panel located at the bottom of your screen.

Use Siri to find the exact type of movie you’re looking for
You can ask Siri to “Show me action movies,” and a list of action movies will appear. You can also drill down within search results. So, using the action movie example, add the command, “Only Sylvester Stallone movies,” and you’ll see action movies starring Sly Stallone. You can even drill down further by asking Siri, “Only ones from the 80s,” whereupon you’ll only be presented with Sly Stallone action movies from the 1980s. Some other commands you can use include “show me only the good ones” to see highly rated films. You can also search for episodes of TV shows featuring specific actors via commands like, “Show me the Modern Family episode featuring Edward Norton.”

Skip ahead or rewind 10 seconds with one click
When watching a video, the Apple TV remote makes it easy to quickly skip ahead or back 10 seconds. To move forward 10 seconds, simply click on the remote’s touchpad on the right hand side. Conversely, to move back 10 seconds, simply click on the left side of the touchpad.

Use Siri to figure out dialogue you just missed
This is one of the cooler Apple TV features we’ve seen yet. If a line of dialogue is too hard to make out, or even if you happened to get distracted for just a few seconds, simply press the microphone button down and issue the following command, “What did he/she just say?” Next thing you know, the video you’re watching will rewind the scene in question and temporarily activate subtitles so you can see what you just missed.

View the multitasking menu
Because the latest Apple TV can run all sorts of apps, being able to quickly jump back and forth between applications is key. Thankfully, the new Apple TV has this functionality built right in. To access the device’s multitasking pane, simply double tap the home button and you’ll be greeted with a UI that’s similar to the iOS multitasking view. To get rid of an app, simply swipe up on a selected app, just like you would on the iPhone or iPad.

Delete an app
One of the most exciting additions to the new Apple TV is support for its own dedicated App Store. Now, if you’ve downloaded an app you no longer have any use for, you can delete it by selecting it on the homescreen and then employing a long press on the touchpad. Shortly thereafter, you’ll be presented with a dialogue box asking if you’d like to confirm the deletion.

Quickly go back to the home screen
From any place in Apple TV, you can quickly go back to the home screen of apps and channels simply by pressing – surprise, surprise – the Home button.

Gain a better understanding of movie dialogue
If you’re watching an action movie, or any type of movie that features loud explosions, keeping up with the dialogue can sometimes be a struggle. With the new Apple TV, it’s simple to work around this. Simply press the Siri button down and say “reduce loud sounds.”

View a complete list of Siri commands
With so many Siri functions at the ready, sometimes having a fresh reminder is convenient. To view a list of possible Siri commands while using your Apple TV, simply press the Siri button once and a list will appear.

Master the Menu Button
Here are some basic Menu commands you can master:

Hit the Menu button once to go back.

Hit it twice to activate the Apple TV’s scenic screensavers.

Press the menu button at the same time as the home button to restart the Apple TV.

Quickly scan through an entire program
You can quickly scan through an entire program by swiping to the right or left via the touchpad. The faster you swipe, the farther ahead or back you’ll go.

Put Apple TV in sleep mode
To put your Apple TV into sleep mode, simply hold down the home button and you’ll be presented with a confirmation message.