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After a long day of work there’s nothing more relaxing than putting your feet up and watching TV. It’s a guilty pleasure that, unfortunately, takes up precious time. Don’t be embarrassed, many people do this.

It’s so easy to sit down and flip on the TV. Before you know it, an hour has flown by and you didn’t make it to the gym. When this happens, many people say, “Oh well, I’ll just work out a little harder tomorrow.” Don’t let this be you. Here are a few suggestions to turn off the tube and start moving.

Take Advantage of Reruns
It’s summertime, which means reruns are on. Use this time to break your television habit. Take advantage of the longer, sunnier days: get outside, move around, and enjoy nature.

Work on Free Time
If you feel like you don’t have enough time in your day to work out, then make some. Minimize unnecessary actions throughout your everyday routine. The main obstacle that seems to get in the way of a healthier lifestyle is being a couch potato.

Save Money
Think about the amount of money you can save if you cancel your television account. It’s just a thought, but you’ll be surprised as to how much time this will free up. Plus, no TV in the house forces you to do something else…like go for a walk.

Ditch Your Habit
Studies show that it takes about three weeks to make or break habits. Ditch your favorite shows for 2 to 3 weeks and notice your desire to sit down in from of the television dwindle.

Grab Your Friends
Instead of a movie night in, grab your gal pals for a Zumba dance party or an afternoon walk. Use this time to catch up while you burn calories. It’s a win-win situation.

Reward Yourself
Don’t let yourself watch any of your favorite shows until you have worked out and cooked a nutritious meal. Use TV time as a reward.