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bad tvIt is hard to avoid television if you are a kid. People in the house are usually tuned in to TV – siblings as well as parents. In some homes, the television is perpetually “on” even without anyone watching. It is common for parents and caregivers to use TV as a substitute babysitter. Also, many parents buy videos that they think can make their kids smart. But how does watching TV really affect children?

The bad news is, the majority of experts think that a TV/video-driven culture has bad effects on kids – and may prevent kids from being smart. They cite the following:

TV provides no educational benefits for a child under age 2. Worse, it steals time for activities that actually develop her brain, like interacting with other people and playing. A child learns a lot more efficiently from real interaction – with people and things, rather than things she sees on a video screen.
TV viewing takes away the time that your child needs to develop important skills like language, creativity, motor, and social skills. These skills are developed in the kids’

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When considering buying a brilliant TV to stand against or hang from a wall as the centerpiece of a living room, many just think about two factors: How big it is and how much it is. For some people, buying a TV may never come down to anything more than that. But if you truly want to be getting the most for your money, you’ll want to understand what’s really going on with the TVs you check out, and maybe check out Consumer Reports’ top TV picks.

As with all electrical technology, there’s a profound level of complexity and most of us could never hope to understand it — though many of us also wouldn’t care to know how it all works. What really matters when we’re shopping is what it all means to us as the user of the product. So, let’s examine the aspects of most importance in TVs to get acquainted with what they mean for you.

Display Types

One of the first things you’ll want to do to narrow down your browsing is to figure out what type of TV you want. There are

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Just a decade or two ago, TVs were monstrous beasts, wide as a castle wall and often encased in a nasty wood-effect frame. But not any more. Typically made in discreet black, TVs are also as slim as a paperback, which opens up all sorts of possibilities for positioning them creatively. From hanging your TV above a fireplace to concealing it behind built-in cupboards, this essential technology can slot into your living room scheme beautifully. Channel-surf your way through these 10 top tips and find a slice of TV heaven.

Store on built-in shelves
These handsome shelves have been built slightly proud of the alcoves, providing extra-deep storage and making the perfect discreet home for a TV. Painting the storage black helps the technology blend in, so the eye is drawn to the books and treasures lining the other shelves.

Go for a gallery effect
Give your TV a home alongside art, shelves of favourite finds and oversized prints. Choose dark frames for neighbouring artworks for a coordinated look, or mix it up, as here, for a more eclectic wall.

Mount against matching tones
Hanging a flatscreen against a dark backdrop helps it to blend in,

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You want to buy a LCD TV or plasma but you think it is complicated to find you through all these logos, these definitions, these labels (HD Ready, Full HD, 1080p HD TV, HD TNT, and Ultra HD)? We will try to help you!

The logos and standards

Since February 2008, we have informed you about all the logos and standards that you will find afterwards, on the websites, on the stickers present on the TV, in the shops and without doubt in the mouth of your favourite sellers. Meanwhile, this has evolved, partly in the right direction.

Since December 2008, merchants no longer have to offer HD-stamped TV without a built-in HD TNT tuner. Since December 2012, TV called Ultra HD or Quad HD or 4K, are starting to be marketed or announced. We will sort it out little by little in these new labels to help you find yourselves. The only thing that is sure at the moment is that these TVs have a resolution almost 4 times higher than the TV “HD TV 1080p” … which promises beautiful things if the sources manage to follow! The details of the related technical constraints

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So you’re thinking about buying a Smart TV? Of course you will be spoilt and maybe confused by choice.

What then is a Smart TV?

Without going into miniscule detail it is fair to say that a Smart TV is any TV that comes equipped with its own inbuilt internet connectivity. This allows access to the mind-blowing range of on-line services; including web browsing, social networking, films, BBC iPlayer … oh and television broadcasts.

A Smart TV will bring the wonderful world of the internet to your front room.

The price of Smart TVs has steadily fallen over the past few years; now is the time to buy. Technology has advanced at a pace, so much so that the more information we have the more we are confused.

Do we go for LED, OLED, HD or 4K screens? Should the screen be a flat or curved design?

Tip –Read all the reviews, get confused and then use your own eyes to make a final judgement.

Thankfully this guide represents a technical and jargon-free zone!

Before setting your budget there are a few things to consider:

Which size

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Buying a LCD televisions can be a daunting task. With so many makes and models to choose from its difficult to know what’s features are important and which brands offer value for money. The following article provides several tips to consider prior to spending your hard earned cash.

Tip #1: Use Consumer Reviews. If there is ever a chance to separate the wheat from the chaff, reviews are a great place to start. You’ll discover which models are proving to be a hit, where to find value for money and which models have potential problems. This can save you the heartache of buying and lemon and help you get started in the right direction.

Tip #2: Consider a refurbished LCD TV. You can experience savings of between 50 and 70% depending on whether you choose a factory refurbished or third party refurbished model. You need to investigate the options here. Some products come with an extended warranty. However, the factory refurbished models are usually the only models that come with a manufacturers warranty.

Tip #3: Consider whether you want a plasma TV, straight LCD TV or high definition LCD TV. Plasma TV’s offer the best image detail but are not as bright as

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Does your desktop display look like mine, as if a folder exploded on it and dumped files all over the screen? If it does, you will know how frustrating it is to be unable to find a file. What makes it even more frustrating is that all the directories you’ve searched through have turned up nothing.

One way of organizing your electronic files is to group them together by type. These can be stored within a single folder. Of course, you’ll have to remember which folder contains what, so be sure to name them appropriately. Organizing your files this way ensures that all your image, word or slide files are kept together and minimizes the time you spend looking for them. Files stored in this manner can be accessed alphabetically or based on when they were last modified.

Creating folders within folders is another way of organizing electronic files to create less clutter. A master folder can contain all files of the same document type. Each sub-folder can, once again, be categorized alphabetically or chronologically based on the date it was created.

It’s easy to let old, unused files languish on your desktop, so make it a point to clear out clutter periodically.

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There are times wherein electronic components become obsolete. One of the reasons is that manufacturers probably invented a better design that is more efficient so they decided to stop producing the parts that you are currently looking for. However, you do not have to worry about anything because there are still shops that sell such electronic parts. You just have to search on the net to be able to find the supplier that can provide your needs. Let us discuss some helpful tips that can serve as your guide when purchasing surplus electronic parts so you can get the best deals for the right parts.

1. You have to make a detailed research on these surplus parts. You have to understand that not because it is surplus it does mean to say that it is no good. There are surplus parts that can last for years. You just have to inspect the things that you are buying so as to make sure that you will be able to get the value of what you are paying for. Remember, no matter how desperate you are into getting the part that you need, you still have to examine it closely. You cannot just

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  1. Plan for HDTV now – High Definition TV is the new digital standard for 
enhanced picture quality for TV broadcasting. If you’re buying a new TV or video projector, make sure you’ll be able to enjoy the incredible sound and pictures that are part of HDTV.
  2. Wire for everything now – if you are building or remodeling your home, 
wire it with a plan for future needs. While no one can guarantee what the future will look like, CEDIA Professionals make it their business to stay current to offer good advice about technologies that are on the horizon. Best of all they can help you sort out the hype from the reality.
  3. Insist on integrated systems – As you buy new electronic components, 
make sure you shop for equipment that can be hooked up together and operated with one, easy to use control system.
  4. Don’t buy yesterday’s products (often what is in stock) – Many stores 
purchase large orders of all equipment and sell it at discounted rates. Shop with a dealer than only provides you with new equipment and technologies.
  5. Consider integrating lighting control with your home electronics system –
Lighting sets the mood for home theater, entertaining, or just a quiet night at
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1. Create a Landing Page

Create a dedicated landing page frkg-digital-strategy-for-tvor your campaign. This page should be the home base for your television commercial content and offering. It will help interested TV viewers find your site and learn more about your campaign.

2. Optimize It

Make sure the content on that landing page matches how users would look for the content from your TV campaign. Optimize meta elements, include on page content that informs users about your campaign, and encourage prospective customers to learn more about your brand and your offering.

3. Be Mobile Friendly

Make sure mobile users can access and digest content. Mobile is a strong medium for potential customers to access your site, make it easy for them to find and interact with your brand.

4. Earn High Quality Backlinks

Just like you have to market your product or service, you need to market your campaign online too. Earning backlinks from influencers in your space will take that campaign content from “just there” to “everywhere (you want to be)”.

5. Close the Gap Between TV and Digital

With a little planning, you can close the gap between your TV ad and the digital world. Include searchable content in your TV ad like a landing page URL

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A Short History of TV: The Magic of 3 Colors — RGB

TV has advanced together with our knowledge of how light can be generated. Since Scottish inventor John Logie Baird introduced the very first mechanical TV in 1925, marvelous advancements have been made to TV technology. But the foundation of color TV—the primary colors Red, Green and Blue (RGB)—is still the same as it was the first color transmissions were developed back in the 1930s and 1940s.

In fact, the emergence of the latest TV trend—thin, flat and sometimes curvy—started only about 10 years ago. In the history of TV, CRT TV dominated the market for a long period during the 20th century. It may be surprising that inside every cathode ray tube are electron guns. The TV functions when the electron guns fire three electron beams (one for each color) through a vacuum tube at a glass plate covered with a phosphorescent screen, causing the phosphors to emit light.

Despite being the dominant display technology for so long, CRT TVs have several limitations. Because the electron beams need to be the same length to all parts of the display, the screen curves away from the viewer, creating an uncomfortable surface for

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#1 – Do your research
Learn what you can about the show, the hosts, and audience. The more you know the more prepared you’ll be.
#2 – Be brief and simple
Put yourself in the audience’s place. No one likes to hear a person go on and on about anything, Try to be fun and spontaneous. If you have a product to promote give the audience a quick tease or tell them a relatable story that might intrigue them enough to want to purchase it. Make sure you’re clear and confident about your message. Use good eye contact with the audience and the hosts and be sure to smile.
#3 – Have visual aids
Pictures, videos during an interview are fun for the audience. But make sure you’ve cleared your plan with the show’s producers. They need to know in advance what equipment they’ll need and whether they’ll have time to do the things you want.

#4 – Make an effort to be punctual
Always make sure arrive at the set on time…and that means at least 30 minutes to an hour early. Punctuality not only shows how much you appreciate being there; you also make it easier for the producers

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TV consoles are one of the easiest ways to reduce clutter and streamline the look of a living room, family room or den. They make it easy to display your television while also keeping all of your electronic devices neatly organized, and with cords tucked out of sight.
There are many styles and options to choose from, from full media units to small stands designed to fit in a corner. When shopping for a new TV console there are several things you should keep in mind:
Size: Before you begin your search you will want to know the dimensions of your television. Be sure to measure the height, width and depth. Keep in mind that older CRT or “tube” televisions require fairly large TV consoles to accommodate their boxy size – particularly their larger depth dimensions. Flat screen TVs by comparison have very thin screens so do not have much depth, but are wider than a typical “tube” television.
You will want to select a stand that can comfortably fit your TV and does not cause it to extend over the sides. Ideally, you want to allow some extra room on each side, which will provide greater stability for your

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The insides of gadgets are complicated, as you know if you’ve ever seen one of our teardowns. But don’t let that complexity intimidate you. A little reading goes a long way—even people who have a lifetime of experience with circuitry need to brush up every now and then. Here are some tips to help prevent damage to you and your device, so your repair comes off without a hitch.

1. C is for capacitor

It goes without saying that you should unplug the power cable and battery while doing a repair, but simply removing the power source doesn’t mean there isn’t a chance of getting shocked. Capacitors store charge. They can be found on power supplies and scattered throughout circuitry. While a shock from most capacitors in consumer electronics isn’t fatal, they can still give you a decent jump. When working with electronics, be sure not to grab capacitors directly or touch them with any conductive material.

If you plan on replacing a capacitor, you may need to discharge the capacitor first. If that’s the case, use our guide to build a capacitor discharge tool. Discharge time varies with size. It is important to give the tool enough time to discharge the capacitor

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Because few of us are under lights and camera on a daily basis, doing a TV interview can be nerve-wracking. With these few easy tips, it can be relaxed, effective, and even enjoyable.

Make sure your dress is professional and conservative, like a job interview. Don’t forget hair/grooming.
Avoid wearing very bright colors or attire with bright lines; TV news equipment sometimes distort these in ways that are distracting to viewers.
When standing in front of the camera, turn your body to the side just a bit so you are NOT facing the camera head-on. This makes you appear warmer and more inviting to those watching at home.
Make sure your posture is straight and erect. Avoid leaning forward toward the camera.
If a reporter is interviewing you in person, look at the reporter. Do not look into the camera. Think of the interview as a conversation between you and the reporter – ignore the camera.
Relax and be yourself.
Gesture with your hands. Don’t put them in your pockets, cross your arms, or stand with your arms at your sides. Gesturing with your hands will make you appear more natural.
Unless the interview is live, if you make a mistake,

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What They Don’t Want You To Know About TV and Videos.
During their wanderings, ancient Jewry happened upon some of the most abominable practices of the pagan world, including child-sacrifice. The contrast between the world’s wanton violence and promiscuity on the one hand, and the Torah’s pristine standards and sensitivities on the other, must have been astounding. For those who had seen the dark side of polytheism and yet knew of a brighter truth, nothing could have been as repulsive as cultures of idol worship. One would think there was little danger of Jewry being drawn into pagan rituals.

God did not feel the same confidence. He saw a vulnerability through which even those who knew both paganism’s horrors and Torah’s wholesomeness could succumb: If Jewry would bring idols into their own homes, even for aesthetic enjoyment or academic study, they could corrupt Jewish sensibilities. “Do not bring an abomination into your house since you will become accursed like it,” He warned His chosen people. “You should utterly detest [an idol] and utterly abhor it, for it is an objectively cursed thing.”(1) Ancient Israel needed a commandment to detest the detestable, abhor the abhorrent, and keep it far from their homes,

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Parents, you can keep those flash cards and alphabet books.

But there’s another device in your home that can help develop language and visual skills. It’s called — hold on to your remotes — the television set.
Instead of being simply society’s whipping boy and the root of all cultural evil, the so-called “idiot box” might actually boost test scores, especially in disadvantaged homes, a recently published study out of the University of Chicago says.

Even as it baby-sits electronically, the TV can be teaching both modes of learning and facts, other studies suggest, and keeping those who watch it from engaging in more destructive behaviors.

That’s the good news about the boob tube. There’s certainly bad, including the warning that “there’s no two-dimensional screen that can equal a three-dimensional caregiver,” says Dr. Donald Shifrin, the American Academy of Pediatrics spokesman on the impact of media on children. Then there’s the study showing kids who watch more TV do less reading.

But we’ll get to the numerous caveats — especially the one about “Desperate Housewives” being less helpful than “Sesame Street” — later.

For now, let’s deal with what many may find surprising.

The prevailing, almost unquestioning cultural bias against TV, especially among the upper-middle class,

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1. Make Smart Choices
Allow your children to view programs that are age-appropriate and tailored specifically to them. Programming for babies and toddlers should be designed by experts.

2. Set Limits
Limit the amount of time you allow your child to watch television. This will ensure that you and your baby doesn’t spend a disproportionate amount of time in front of the TV when you can be enjoying other activities such as reading or playing outside.

3. Join Your Child
Take the opportunity to bond even further and share in your child’s TV viewing experience. It not only makes for great cuddle time, but it also allows you to actively participate in your child’s development.

4. Share Emotions
Television viewing is an emotional experience for your baby or toddler, so acknowledge when he expresses emotions such as delight or puzzlement. With a limited ability to verbally communicate, it’s important to share in his feelings as they occur.

5. Keep Programming Fresh and New
Babies are naturally inclined to repeat something they’ve enjoyed. Be sure to continually refresh the programs you select so your baby is exposed to new and exciting things.

6. Maintain Control
Don’t leave to chance what your toddler watches on TV. As the parent, you are the gatekeeper

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1. Choose television shows that reinforce your family’s values.
2. Limit your child’s “screen time” – television, computers, video games, etc.
3. Help your child choose programs that are right for his age and interests.
4. Find books that extend the learning of programs your child enjoys.
5. Record your child’s favorite shows so she can watch them over and over again. Remember that children learn from seeing things more than once.
6. Watch television with your child when you can so you can help him understand what he’s seeing and hearing.
7. When you have recorded a program, you can “stop the action” from time to time and discuss the program with your child.
8. Use the TV guide and help your child choose the programs he wants to watch during the week.
9. After your child watches a program, encourage her to draw a picture about what she saw or heard.
10. Plan to do activities with your child that relate to the theme or story of a program he watched.
11. Encourage your child to talk to the television when she is watching a show.
12. Choose programs for your child that encourage creative and critical thinking

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Get the most out of your Apple TV
Apple’s fourth-generation Apple TV represents the device’s evolution from a mere “hobby” into a product strong enough to completely stand on its own. Packed with a number of cool new features, such as Universal Search and built-in Siri functionality, the new Apple TV may very well be a surprise hit this holiday shopping season. And with the device coming with support for its own dedicated App Store, it’ll be incredibly interesting to see what developers are able to come up with in the weeks and months ahead.

All that said, here are some Apple TV tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your new viewing experience.

Activate Siri
Without question, one of the flagship features on the new Apple TV is Siri functionality built right into the remote. In order to bring Siri to life and issue a command, simply hold the microphone button down and you’ll see the familiar Siri prompt at the bottom of your HDTV. Make sure to keep the button pressed down for the entirety of your voice command.

Ask Siri about movie or TV show details
When watching a movie or TV show, users can activate