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Buying a LCD televisions can be a daunting task. With so many makes and models to choose from its difficult to know what’s features are important and which brands offer value for money. The following article provides several tips to consider prior to spending your hard earned cash.

Tip #1: Use Consumer Reviews. If there is ever a chance to separate the wheat from the chaff, reviews are a great place to start. You’ll discover which models are proving to be a hit, where to find value for money and which models have potential problems. This can save you the heartache of buying and lemon and help you get started in the right direction.

Tip #2: Consider a refurbished LCD TV. You can experience savings of between 50 and 70% depending on whether you choose a factory refurbished or third party refurbished model. You need to investigate the options here. Some products come with an extended warranty. However, the factory refurbished models are usually the only models that come with a manufacturers warranty.

Tip #3: Consider whether you want a plasma TV, straight LCD TV or high definition LCD TV. Plasma TV’s offer the best image detail but are not as bright as LCD Tv’s. High definition LCD TV’s basically double the image rate at which you view the image in a second, which means you’ll experience a higher quality picture. You will need to examine the options here and make a choice.

Tip #4: Avoid buying a LCD Television at auction until you determine whether your purchase will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. In some jurisdictions, despite the fact that the product may be new and you are purchasing at a discount through a retailer, the manufacturers warranty may be void by law.

Tip #5: Consider the size: You will need to put some thought into your viewing environment to determine the size and shape. If you have a large room and seating is dispersed, you will need to consider what size is appropriate for the room.

Tip #6: You will need to consider the light levels of the room. Different models may be appropriate depending on the light intensity levels. Brighter TV’s will enhance the viewing experience if the environment is dark.

Tip #7: Consider your budget. This will help to refine your options. There will always be price, feature and size trade offs. Once you know your limit you can confine the options. You should consider researching online to find the best bang for your buck. You may be lucky enough to pick up a great deal through a sale.

Consider the above advice and do a little research online. You’ll be a more informed consumer and make a wiser choice. You may even save yourself considerable money if you happen to find a great deal.