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#1 – Do your research
Learn what you can about the show, the hosts, and audience. The more you know the more prepared you’ll be.
#2 – Be brief and simple
Put yourself in the audience’s place. No one likes to hear a person go on and on about anything, Try to be fun and spontaneous. If you have a product to promote give the audience a quick tease or tell them a relatable story that might intrigue them enough to want to purchase it. Make sure you’re clear and confident about your message. Use good eye contact with the audience and the hosts and be sure to smile.
#3 – Have visual aids
Pictures, videos during an interview are fun for the audience. But make sure you’ve cleared your plan with the show’s producers. They need to know in advance what equipment they’ll need and whether they’ll have time to do the things you want.

#4 – Make an effort to be punctual
Always make sure arrive at the set on time…and that means at least 30 minutes to an hour early. Punctuality not only shows how much you appreciate being there; you also make it easier for the producers and staff preparing for the show. Always allow enough time for the unexpected—traffic problems, change of outfits, a swing by the school to drop off your kid’s notebook—you never know what can eat up the extra few minutes you thought you would have. Also be sure to get an emergency contact number in case running late is unavoidable.
#5 – Do something new
Try to do something original and unexpected. If you’ve got something you can share with the audience, devise a fun game for choosing recipients. Cooking demonstrations and makeovers with the help of the hosts and audience are always fun, but keep in mind, you have to give producers plenty of notice.
#6 – Looks matter
No matter what you’re talking about, if you’re on TV you have to be dressed for the part. Get enough rest the night before and get up early enough to get your hair, makeup and wardrobe together. Many shows won’t have the budget to cover these things and you want to look your best. Consider hiring or even bartering for services from hairdressers, make up artists and stylists.

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