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So you’re thinking about buying a Smart TV? Of course you will be spoilt and maybe confused by choice.

What then is a Smart TV?

Without going into miniscule detail it is fair to say that a Smart TV is any TV that comes equipped with its own inbuilt internet connectivity. This allows access to the mind-blowing range of on-line services; including web browsing, social networking, films, BBC iPlayer … oh and television broadcasts.

A Smart TV will bring the wonderful world of the internet to your front room.

The price of Smart TVs has steadily fallen over the past few years; now is the time to buy. Technology has advanced at a pace, so much so that the more information we have the more we are confused.

Do we go for LED, OLED, HD or 4K screens? Should the screen be a flat or curved design?

Tip –Read all the reviews, get confused and then use your own eyes to make a final judgement.

Thankfully this guide represents a technical and jargon-free zone!

Before setting your budget there are a few things to consider:

Which size screen should you choose?

Bigger is not always better, a huge TV in a small room can be overwhelming, a small screen, insignificant and totally underwhelming. There are guidelines as to screen size relevant to viewing distance … please! Common sense based upon your previous experiences should be your guide.

Some screens have more magic sprinkled inside than others, one screen may just simply be sharper and crisper than another. Go to a decent retailer for honest advice and have a look at the quality before you commit.

Tip– When assessing a TV take a look at the screen from a variety of angles in order to see if the colour and vibrancy varies or degrades significantly from the head-on view. You may have the plum spot in your front room, but spare a thought for the children, each condemned to a corner … it’s always the children who suffer.

What features should you look for?

Quite frankly look for the features you want; there’ll be plenty you don’t.

Well first off connectivity to the web, how easy is the web to access and navigate? Ask for a demo from that keen young man on a sales bonus.

Perhaps you may like to link another device to the tele, such as you iPod. If so make sure the Smart TV has Bluetooth.

More likely you’ll probably want to link a Sky box or a Blue-ray player, in which case you’ll need HDMI connections. Or, if you’re intending to link your steam driven VHS player, then look around the tele for a scart connection.

Maybe you’d like to link some USB devices?

Tip – Think about what you want, tell the lad and he’ll advise.

Some sound advice; Always check out the quality of the TVs sound output; it’s important! Muffled dull sound will ruin your entertainment experience. Ask for the set to be turned up, is the sound still crisp and clear?

Also check out the sound settings in the menu; you’ll no doubt find a choice of setting to enhance your listening pleasure.

Is there an option to activate a surround-sound system? A fine experience and a great way to get your own back on the neighbours with the barking dog!

How much should you pay?Quite simply pay only what you can afford, although don’t skimp and stick to known brands. The top four TV manufacturers are LG, Samsung, Sony and Panasonic; competition is fierce as prices continue to fall.

Tip -Shop around and keep your eye open for a TV that is about to be, or has been, superseded by a newer model. You’ll more than likely get a Smart TV with more features then you could shake a stick at and a bargain to boot!


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