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Get the most out of your Apple TV
Apple’s fourth-generation Apple TV represents the device’s evolution from a mere “hobby” into a product strong enough to completely stand on its own. Packed with a number of cool new features, such as Universal Search and built-in Siri functionality, the new Apple TV may very well be a surprise hit this holiday shopping season. And with the device coming with support for its own dedicated App Store, it’ll be incredibly interesting to see what developers are able to come up with in the weeks and months ahead.

All that said, here are some Apple TV tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your new viewing experience.

Activate Siri
Without question, one of the flagship features on the new Apple TV is Siri functionality built right into the remote. In order to bring Siri to life and issue a command, simply hold the microphone button down and you’ll see the familiar Siri prompt at the bottom of your HDTV. Make sure to keep the button pressed down for the entirety of your voice command.

Ask Siri about movie or TV show details
When watching a movie or TV show, users can activate Siri and ask questions like “Who directed this?” or “Who stars in this episode?” Without missing a beat, Siri will display all of the requested info in a panel located at the bottom of your screen.

Use Siri to find the exact type of movie you’re looking for
You can ask Siri to “Show me action movies,” and a list of action movies will appear. You can also drill down within search results. So, using the action movie example, add the command, “Only Sylvester Stallone movies,” and you’ll see action movies starring Sly Stallone. You can even drill down further by asking Siri, “Only ones from the 80s,” whereupon you’ll only be presented with Sly Stallone action movies from the 1980s. Some other commands you can use include “show me only the good ones” to see highly rated films. You can also search for episodes of TV shows featuring specific actors via commands like, “Show me the Modern Family episode featuring Edward Norton.”

Skip ahead or rewind 10 seconds with one click
When watching a video, the Apple TV remote makes it easy to quickly skip ahead or back 10 seconds. To move forward 10 seconds, simply click on the remote’s touchpad on the right hand side. Conversely, to move back 10 seconds, simply click on the left side of the touchpad.

Use Siri to figure out dialogue you just missed
This is one of the cooler Apple TV features we’ve seen yet. If a line of dialogue is too hard to make out, or even if you happened to get distracted for just a few seconds, simply press the microphone button down and issue the following command, “What did he/she just say?” Next thing you know, the video you’re watching will rewind the scene in question and temporarily activate subtitles so you can see what you just missed.

View the multitasking menu
Because the latest Apple TV can run all sorts of apps, being able to quickly jump back and forth between applications is key. Thankfully, the new Apple TV has this functionality built right in. To access the device’s multitasking pane, simply double tap the home button and you’ll be greeted with a UI that’s similar to the iOS multitasking view. To get rid of an app, simply swipe up on a selected app, just like you would on the iPhone or iPad.

Delete an app
One of the most exciting additions to the new Apple TV is support for its own dedicated App Store. Now, if you’ve downloaded an app you no longer have any use for, you can delete it by selecting it on the homescreen and then employing a long press on the touchpad. Shortly thereafter, you’ll be presented with a dialogue box asking if you’d like to confirm the deletion.

Quickly go back to the home screen
From any place in Apple TV, you can quickly go back to the home screen of apps and channels simply by pressing – surprise, surprise – the Home button.

Gain a better understanding of movie dialogue
If you’re watching an action movie, or any type of movie that features loud explosions, keeping up with the dialogue can sometimes be a struggle. With the new Apple TV, it’s simple to work around this. Simply press the Siri button down and say “reduce loud sounds.”

View a complete list of Siri commands
With so many Siri functions at the ready, sometimes having a fresh reminder is convenient. To view a list of possible Siri commands while using your Apple TV, simply press the Siri button once and a list will appear.

Master the Menu Button
Here are some basic Menu commands you can master:

Hit the Menu button once to go back.

Hit it twice to activate the Apple TV’s scenic screensavers.

Press the menu button at the same time as the home button to restart the Apple TV.

Quickly scan through an entire program
You can quickly scan through an entire program by swiping to the right or left via the touchpad. The faster you swipe, the farther ahead or back you’ll go.

Put Apple TV in sleep mode
To put your Apple TV into sleep mode, simply hold down the home button and you’ll be presented with a confirmation message.