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Does your desktop display look like mine, as if a folder exploded on it and dumped files all over the screen? If it does, you will know how frustrating it is to be unable to find a file. What makes it even more frustrating is that all the directories you’ve searched through have turned up nothing.

One way of organizing your electronic files is to group them together by type. These can be stored within a single folder. Of course, you’ll have to remember which folder contains what, so be sure to name them appropriately. Organizing your files this way ensures that all your image, word or slide files are kept together and minimizes the time you spend looking for them. Files stored in this manner can be accessed alphabetically or based on when they were last modified.

Creating folders within folders is another way of organizing electronic files to create less clutter. A master folder can contain all files of the same document type. Each sub-folder can, once again, be categorized alphabetically or chronologically based on the date it was created.

It’s easy to let old, unused files languish on your desktop, so make it a point to clear out clutter periodically. Clutter in this case refers to files for which you have no use because the information they contain is obsolete or the matters they deal with have been permanently resolved. As one of the major tips for organizing electronic files, doing so frees up valuable storage space on your computer as well. If you’re not sure about deleting things, a good rule of thumb to follow is that if it’s not been used in 5 years, it’s safe to delete it.

Organizing your files helps you find information quickly and efficiently. It also lets you keep track of the information you have on your system and whether it’s still needed.

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